Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gifts from Bermuda

Every island on the British overseas territory of Bermuda is like a postcard. We've traveled there twice via cruise ship but have not really sampled a lot of local food. Why? See my last posting! We went to a very popular local restaurant called Frog and Onion Pub just to try some of the indigenous fare. If you happen to come across it, try their Bermudian fish chowder. Their fish chowder is not at all related to the New England clam chowda or any chowder I've ever had. Their tomato-based fish variation is a chowder of a different persuasion but just as good.

My husband gave me gifts while we were on vacation and a couple of them were food related. This cookbook has some interesting recipes from famous restaurants and inns in Bermuda. It's filled with a lot of sophisticated yet easy to make British isle recipes.

Nothing screams like Bermudian flavor to me than Sherry Peppers(okay, rum cakes and those dark n' stormy drinks remind me of Bermuda too). It's a complex blend of spices and peppers steeped in some nice dry sherry. Use this sparingly and in lieu of hot sauce. It's good with Bermudian fish chowder.

Made in England Cadbury chocolate bars. I have nothing against their American counterpart but these are a lot creamier.

Before I go, here is one of our favorite stories from Bermuda: Bermudians were so nice and polite to each other and to us. For example, we hopped on a bus to go downtown Bermuda and a woman who was obviously a local got on the bus after us said "Good morning everybody." The whole bus said in unison: "Good Morning" back. It was almost Utopian.