Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wild Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado and Japanese Pickled Daikon Rolls!

I took a sushi class with a sushi master last spring. Ever since then, I have been making inside-out or uramaki sushi for dinner and parties. Making your own sushi is innexpensive and fun!
This recipe has “cooked” fish so even our toddler can eat it. I like to eat toro sashimi and yellow fin sushi at restaurants but I don’t like to make sushi with raw fish at home. Grade A tuna and salmon are too expensive for our weeknight dinners and our little one can’t eat it. For this recipe, you can cook the wild salmon your way – poached, lightly sautéed or even sous vide!
What you need:
5 or 6 oz piece of cooked wild salmon filet. You want to flake this salmon filet and then mix with
½ teaspoon of wasabi paste and 1 tablespoon of Japanese Mayonnaise (a lot like making tuna salad for sandwiches)
5 cups of freshly cooked seasoned sushi rice
6 small sheets of toasted nori
1 ripe avocado, cut into thin sticks
4 inch piece of cucumber cut into thin sticks
4 inch piece of Japanese pickled daikon cut into thin sticks

Now, let’s roll…
Put a sheet of nori shiny side down on a rolling mat (covered with plastic wrap for easy cleaning). Using wet hands (put a bowl of water next to you), spread about ¾ cup of rice in an even layer on the nori. Cover the entire nori with rice. Gently turn it over. You will fill the “nori” side with your other ingredients.
Spread a thin line of a tablespoon of the salmon-mayo mix on the nori (the side that's closest to you). Put a line of avocado sticks on top of the salmon and then lay a line of cucumber sticks next to the avocado. Lastly put a line of pickled daikon next to avocado. You get the picture.
Roll the sushi, starting at the end where the ingredients are, and tucking the end of the nori. Squeeze gently and keep rolling until you end up with a finished roll. Repeat the process until you run out of ingredients.
Cut it into even bite size pieces with a wet and a super sharp knife. Arrange them on a plate and serve with soy sauce and pickled ginger.
I hope you enjoyed that recipe. Honto ni arigato gozaimas (thank you very much)!

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