Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Improvisational Salad of the Day: Swiss Chard with Grape Tomatoes

There's a million ways to make a salad. My salad recipes usually depend on the fresh ingredients I have available in my kitchen that day. I also rely on what flavor combinations I think go well together. Fresh young Swiss chard is a good alternative to lettuce, baby spinach or mesclun greens. Swiss chard is considered a dark leafy green vegetable so you know what that means? It's really good for you. It has tons of vitamins(mostly Vitamin K and A). Today's salad is easy to assemble: First, rinse your veggies in cold water. Dry your veggies well (use a salad spinner for your greens if you have one). Combine torn fresh young Swiss chard, grape tomatoes, chopped yellow bell pepper and thinly sliced red onion. Top with your favorite salad dressing or vinaigrette. :-)


Karen said...

Mmmm...remind me to give you some sorrel from my garden. It's my new favorite salad green - a crazy perennial that is up and growing in March, and still going strong here in November!

I just saw your list of restaurant "favorites" - is there anywhere you haven't been to eat?? Just kidding.

Jen said...

Sorrel sounds great! Thanks Karen. The funny thing is -- I left out restaurants that I think are just okay. We have to do the Chocolate Buffet at the Langham with the girls one of these days.