Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neighborhood Dish: Episode 7 "A Taste of the Philippines"

Last winter, my friend Kristine and I taped a show for Neighborhood Dish, a cooking show on Malden Access TV. Neighborhood Dish is produced and hosted by the multi-talented and vivacious Karen and Paula. This cooking show rocks! Some of my neighbors and I have never missed an episode. I cook a lot but never in front of a camera. This experience was fun and nerve wracking at the same time. For this episode, we simply channeled our inner Rachel Ray and just had fun. If you want to see Kristine and I cook Filipino food on TV and live in the Malden, Melrose and Stoneham area, please watch Neighborhood Dish on Fios Channel 28 or Comcast Channel 3 on Fridays at 4pm, Saturday at 7pm and Sundays at 2pm. MATV will run this episode until the end of June/beginning of July. You can also watch the episode online:
Neighborhood Dish: Episode 7 " A Taste of the Philippines"

Karen and Paula worked hard on this episode and every single Neighborhood Dish episode. I don't know anything about TV production but I after watching this episode on TV, I gained an appreciation for the hours and hours of editing that goes into one hour of TV. Not being Filipino herself, Karen picked appropriate Filipino music that perfectly matched the content and transitions of this episode.

I'm very proud of "A Taste of the Philippines" because the representation of Filipino cooking and food on US TV is few and far between. I'm very grateful to Karen and Paula for featuring Filipino cooking on Neighborhood dish. My recipes for fresh vegetarian spring rolls or Lumpiang sariwa with leeks, shitake, fried tofu, Chinese parsley and green papaya, "French custard based" Ube Ice Cream, Kalamansi juice with simple syrup and Kristine's delicious Chicken Abobo recipe can all be found on the Neighborhood Dish Website:

Neighborhood Dish Website

Thank you so much Karen and Paula for letting us cook on your show!

Jen and Kristine with Karen and Paula

Kristine's chicken adobo with green beans

Jen rolling vegetarian fresh lumpia

"French custard based" Ube ice cream

Kristine, a rockstar in the kitchen!

Jen and Karen rolling some fresh lumpia.


Karen said...

Aw, was great having you on the show, you and Kristine are naturals! And as you know, our goals are to get the word out about all the yummy food the world has to offer and give Maldonians the opportunity to share their culture through food.

Thanks for posting the link to your episode. You can also find it through our website, Your show will be available online through as long as we (or blip!) last :-)

Paula said...

Jen: You and Kristine were great on camera, and Karen and I were impressed at how prepared you were. (The episode was shot in a communal kitchen in a condo complex, so our guest chefs had to bring EVERYTHING.) It was nice for us to be both behind the cameras, too!Karen and I made the chicken adobo for MATV week and it was a real hit. Thanks so much for sharing "A Taste of the Philipines!"

Confession Nook said...

wow! You deserve an award indeed =).. Creative Mom Blogger Award at my site =)

♥peachkins♥ said...

I wish I could watch you guys..

Jen said...

Thanks everyone! Karen and Paula uploaded the episode online:

MaMely said...

WOW, Jen! you are a celeb! congratulations to you and the crew.

Kristine said...

Jen, you're a wonderful kitchen partner! You made me feel confident about making the dish in front of the cam. To Karen and Paula, thank you so much for having Jen and myself at Neighborhood Dish - I certainly enjoyed every minute of the show!