Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Favorite Family Friendly Eats Near Storyland

It's summertime in New England and if you are a parent to young children, you are probably thinking about fun day or weekend trips with your little ones this summer. One thing that might come to the minds of many New England parents with young children is New Hampshire's kiddie wonderland and amusement park, Storyland. If you are a foodie parent with foodie (or picky) kids, where do you eat around here? Honestly, there is not much to pick from especially if you are used to variety. But there are some hidden gems near the park. I've been to the White Mountains a few times and have enjoyed the food at Coyote Rose, Shalimar of India and Horsefeather's. Here are some other family friendly eats in the area.

A good bang for the buck is the Hill's Top BBQ Restaurant in Bartlett, New Hampshire. I like a place that invites you with the wonderful aroma of delicious smelling slow smoked meats wafting in and around the restaurant. I wish I could bottle that BBQ smell!

I'm no barbeque expert but I've had a lot of great barbeque across New England (from Boston, MA to Brattleboro, VT) and the Hill's Top made my list of top BBQ restaurants way north of the Mason-Dixon line. Their house smoked beef brisket is comparable to the ones I've had from Texas.

Who doesn't like an assortment of BBQ condiments on their table? The Hill's Top BBQ even has a white BBQ sauce called White Mountain White. This reminds of the mayonnaise and vinegar based BBQ sauce from Alabama.

Generally speaking, the food at Storyland is not bad. I like an occasional perfectly fried dough, here and anywhere else for that matter. But who doesn't like deep fried chewy bread bathed in powdered sugar? I was happy to see quasi Mexican food at this amusement park. It's a good alternative to the standard amusement park burger and fries.

Red Fox Bar and Grille in Jackson, New Hampshire is kid friendly and pretty affordable. They have many beers on draft and a pretty good wine selection for thirsty parents. We like their finger licking baby back ribs and melt-in-your-mouth roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Because this place is close to Storyland, it's a popular oasis for many families coming out of the park.

At Storyland, you and your kids might feel like a fast moving ball in a pinball machine. There are lots to see and lots to do so pace yourself and take lots of breaks especially if you have little ones. The whole family will be exhausted after a full day of riding the roller coaster, log ride and those spinning tea cups over and over again. It's all worth it though. The smile on your child's face is priceless and one you will remember for a long time.


V said...

Great photos, Jen! We ate at the Red Fox after a hiking trip once and had a good meal there, I remember. Good food for when everyone is hungry from exercise and fun!

Jen said...

Thanks Val! We went to Red Fox twice this weekend! It's very crowded but it never dissapoints. They have a family waiting room with toys in the back which is great.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad that I saw this post before my trip, thanks for the info, Jen! I'll definitely try these restaurants.